Super Excursions

Serving to fine-tune a blend of convenience, comfort, and pampering in the great outdoors, rustic luxury is no longer an oxymoron. We offer amazing camping adventures that let you explore Maui from a locals prospective and be totally catered and pampered at the same time.

Have you ever been camping and been treated like you were at a five star resort? We erase the boundary between untamed nature and civilized luxury.

Imagine waking up in your roof top tent with a fresh cup of Maui coffee, having a gourmet breakfast and going hiking through our lush bamboo forests up to a 400 foot waterfall to start you day. In the afternoon: enjoy a quiet day on the beach or snorkeling, kayaking the coast and ending the day with a beautiful sunset and dinner on the beach. The sky is the limit! Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?!

Camp Maui-X supplies everything you need from towels, sleeping bags, pillow, bedding, beach gear and more! All you need to bring is your warm and cool weather clothes, toiletries, camera, smile and sense of adventure! Every excursion is different and is based on your personal interests and timeline.

Camp Maui-X
971 Konia Place
Kihei, HI 96753
(808) 707-2267