Camping Experience Maui HI

Discover the island of Maui in its purest form.

Camping in Maui is an incredible experience.  Our one of a kind roof-top camping, guided excursions, back-packing kits and condos will allow you to see the island in a way that few do. Our rooftop tent and vehicle comes complete with everything you need to camp for days or weeks on end. Fill up your cooler up with food and beverages and enjoy your Hawaii paradise!

Camping Map Over the Clouds in Maui HI


Are you ready to have the camping experience of a lifetime in Maui? Our team at Camp Maui-X is ready to help you plan a camping adventure you will never forget. We look forward to meeting you.




Aloha! With 10+ years of living in Hawaii, Sean le Roux is thrilled and anxious to share this beautiful tropical paradise with you. If you are reading this I'm sure we have several things in common already: we enjoy nature and all its beauty, we love to be outdoors, we are always searching for an adventure and we love off-the-beaten-path experiences and cultures.

You can expect a fun and safe camping trip when you book a trip with Camp Maui-X. The camping trips are memorable as well as remarkable and you will remember them for many years to come. CLICK HERE to read more about Camp Maui-X.



A couple years ago Sean made a decision to start a business here on Maui with strong intentions to have it as sustainable and green as possible. It's hard to get a real perspective of Hawaii sitting in an air-conditioned hotel room with almost all the same luxuries that you just left at home.

Sean asked himself, "How can I incorporate my years of hospitality experience and my love for people and nature with a business that shows everyone what Maui is truly all about?" Being a true outdoorsman, he found that Maui really is a great place to disconnect from society and create your own island adventure. CLICK HERE to for frequently asked questions about our camping trips.


Magical Maui

Sean has always enjoyed his trips to Hana and never wanted to drive the east side of the island without staying over night in Maui's beautiful, lush tropical rain forest. He has traveled the world and found that Maui is really one of the easiest places to navigate with amazing weather conditions year round.

We have had many successful camping moments to remember over the years. Book a trip with Camp Maui-X today and experience Sean's love of Maui for yourself! CLICK HERE to book your next camping trips.